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Your Twitter account is getting a beating, No worry you’re not alone !

By December 4, 2018Uncategorized

Twitter announced recently that they will be removing inactive accounts from users follower counts. If you’ve noticed a serious drop in number of followers, no worry it’s not your fault — it’s your followers.

Every major account got a beating after a multitude of inactive or fake accounts were suspended specially in June and May. Obviously in an attempt to fight the fake news, the trolls and the bots, Twitter drained around 70 million accounts.

Sometimes locked accounts aren’t necessarily fake and might be genuinely owned and interacted by a real person. Twitter decided to lock account if they start to behave in spammy manner. If you have a sudden increase in tweets with multiple unsolicited mentions, a high number of accounts blocking you, or tweets misleading links, you may be a good candidate to get a knock out from Twitter.

Suspicious accounts are suspended so they can no longer interact with the rest of the twittersphere, but still counted as a user follower.

Experts all agree that the follower count is one of the first trust indicators of a user when visiting their profile, and that’s why it matters.

Since the number of followers is one of the first items visible on the profile, Twitter wants to keep the trust of their users in the data they provide. This is why they focused on followers count because it is one of the most visible highlights on the platform and frequently associated with credibility.

Since the rise of the possibility to buy twitter followers, the numbers have become less and less an accurate way to measure trust and credibility. This is why anyone should avoid cheap bots or automated solutions and opt for real human Twitter followers when boosting your profile.