FAQ for buying Addsocials likes or followers

Why should I buy social followers ?

Buying Facebook followers or Instagrams likes from Addsocials is the quickest and easiest way to kick-start follower growth in your social media platform like Twitter or Youtube. It’s always a challenge to start from nothing on social media, so a boost is always good solution. Even though you won’t be able to know it, the truth is millions of users, from celebrities, artists, influencers to local businesses, have bought followers and social engagements. The solution is popular because it works.

Buying from Addsocials is not just buying numbers or popularity – it’s a strategic move. It’s all about social proof and assessing your authority in your area of influence.

What does the two-year replacement means ?

It means we guarantee that the followers will stay with you after the purchase. If the purchased followers unfollow or get deleted, we will replace it no question asked.

Do you offer drip method ?

Yes, we offer it for a little supplement. Chat with us to know the details

Can I get banned for buying social media followers of likes ?

Since you’re not spamming anything and you can’t control who follows or likes you, your profile is usually very safe. If the followers are added to your account in an unnatural way or too fast then they may be deleted from your account and we will replace them, but generally your profile is safe.

Was Addsocials affected by the Instapurge or Twitter cleanse ?

In December 2014 Instagram deleted 10,000,000 accounts which they deemed fake or spammy. Addsocials were not part of that deletion, which is why we still in business after all theses years.

In May 2018 Twitter deleted several account as well, and again we were not affected by these deletions since we have active users.

How does Addsocials works

There are many companies out there offering the same service, but at Addsocials we only use qualified human followers that are rewarded for every like and follow they add to your account.

What kind of followers will be added to my profile ?

Addsocials deliver authentic and real social media followers from your area that are active on the platform you choose with full bios and normal ratio of following/followers.